Built around the renowned Sony Effio-E 700TVL camera, providing good images under IR light,

Enhanced by using a quality 5 MP x 16mm lens, and once focussed is secured in place by a tensioning spring

The camera  housing is secured to your scope using a 42mm Internal Diameter silicone tube

So will fit most scope oculars, but other size tubes (38mm, 40mm and 44mm) are available on request

Images are displayed on a 3.5" 4:3 aspect ratio screen, securely mounted to your scope

(A larger 5" 16:9 aspect ratio screen is also available as an upgrade)

The screen is securely mounted to your scope using standard QR scope mounts

(Both 25.4mm/1" and 30mm QR scope mounts are included)

The camera and screen are powered by a 12v 1800 mAh battery (UK charger included)

Battery can be located on your rifle stock using the included battery pouch

Of course, you will also need an InfraRed Torch kit (if you don't already have one)

Three options are available, an Evo38, Evo50 or Evo67, all using the new higher powered AS IR Led

Torches are Triple Mode (Low Med and High) with beam  adjustment from Zoom to Flood

Torch kit includes 2 x 18650 batteries and UK plugged charger

The Standard NVUK kit is good for 150yds with an Evo38, even further with an Evo50, and if you are FAC and require good images over 200yds, then the top of the range KPC-E700 camera is highly recommended as an upgrade, especially with am Evo67 and adjustable mount, to enable you to 'zero in' the torch beam to the screen centre, when viewing at distance, and  when on full power and zoom.

To get the very best out of any add-on night vision kit, its preferable if your rifle scope has parallax adjustment, so you can  focus on the target clearly at different distance. Either adjustable objective at the front near the barrel end of the scope or side focus near the windage and elevation turrets in the middle of the scope on the left hand side

You may also want to consider an upgraded screen mount from the standard plastic  ball and stem as supplied with the screen to a fully adjustable aluminium screen mount. A video out socket can also be fitted to enable you to add your own recording device such as the mini DVR (Angel Eye) from Maplins.

All the packages can be supplied in an aluminium carry case if required too


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TubeCam Style Night Vision Kit

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